This page gives the news as it unfolds, including notice of things that have changed on this website and events concerning individual class members. The newest news it at the top.

1 September 2014: Photos now online
I have upgunned the photo albums in the Events section and uploaded all the photos. Everything should now be on this new site. [Tim]

24 August 2014: Same site, new name!
Moved site (less reunion photos) to new location with new name [Tim]

10 November 2013: Class photo, Neptune Stairs
I have just put online in the Events section the official photos taken at the bottom of Neptune Stairs: the official B&W one from the end of first year and the colour re-enactment photos taken during the 2013 reunion. [Tim]

21 October 2013: More photos online
I have added photos from Keith Thomson (thanks!) to the others in the Events section... now over 200 total. That's it! No more!! [Tim]

8 October 2013: Reunion photos now online
There are now reunion photos online thanks to Southens, Murray Hatt, and Duane Boyer. Look in the Events section. Where did all these old people come from? [Tim]

21 September 2013: Fallen Comrades
I have posted Don Corry's words from our reflection on fallen comrades, Sunday morning of the reunion on the Upper Parade Square -- see the link under reunion details on the Events page. Thanks for this, Don. [Tim]

20 September 2013: Reunion -- Do you have photos?
If you have photos, please email me to let me know... but please don't email me the photos directly. I'll give you upload instructions to explain how to send them in. [Tim]

20 September 2013: Reunion -- done!
Yes, the reunion happened. A good time was had by all, at least what we remember of it. Feedback of what went well? What would work better next time? Post your thoughts on the blog, please. [Tim]

13 May 2013: RRMC Commemorative Paver Stones
Royal Roads has instituted a Commemorative Paver Stone program. These pavers contain your College Number, name, initials and the years you were at RRMC (for example: 99999 F. Bunchowski Class of 1973-1975) and are laid in the area by the flagpole (now over by the Commandant’s residence). Cost is $200/paver. For more info and to order, contact Dave Wightman at I have been asked to share this information with everyone from our Class. This information has nothing specifically to do with our Reunion, and is provided strictly for your personal information. There is no intent to “pressure” anyone to purchase a paver. [Ray]

13 May 2013: Photos for Meet & Greet Slide Show
Duane Boyer has very kindly volunteered to put together a collage of photos (slide show) to be played on Friday night during the Meet and Greet. Please send him either a digital copy of the photo, or the real one and he will scan it and return the original to you. Duane’s contact info is on the Class Web Site, but also repeated here:
103 Brookdale Cres
Saskatoon, SK
S7V 1K5

Please give Duane a hand in putting this slide show together – should be some interesting photos!! [Ray]

13 May 2013: Royal Roads University Electronic Newsletter
For any of you interested, you can see the RRU Electronic Newsletter @: Thanks to Blair Pettis for this "heads up". [Ray]

13 May 2013: Reunion Registration Site Now Open!
The RRU Registration Site is now OPEN!! The web site is: Please note WE DO NOT need to register for any Friday night activities. Our Class of ’73 Meet and Greet at Mess Decks (now called the Mews) is a separate event that will not be offered on the RRU website. We do not need to pay anything in advance for our Friday night event, and we’ll collect $$ for that during the Meet and Greet. The RRU “web registration” activities that you need to register for are the Dinner Dance and the Mast Site Ceremony & Castle Farewell Reception. Clearly, you can register for other events, but we are not planning to attend them as a Class. If you have any problems registering, you can contact me, but best to contact RRU directly @ Cindy Goodman: telephone 250 391 2551 or email [Ray]

26 March 2013: WestJet Discounted Flights Courtesy Duane Boyer!
WestJet is offering a 15% discount off the best fare rate at time of booking (not including seat sales & web fares) for anyone travelling into or out of Victoria, Comox or Nanaimo during the period 12-16 Sep. To take advantage of this discount: - call WestJet Groups agent @ 1-888-493-7853 Mon-Fri 0700-1730 MDT - tell them our booking code "CC7816" - Note: you have to call the agent - you can't do this using the web site self-booking option. As an extra bonus, WestJet will give us one free ticket for every 50 people booking which we will probably raffle off during the reunion. [Ray]

20 January 2013: Golf!
Information on golf activities is now online in the Golf section. [Tim]

4 December 2012: Welcome to the Web Site
The offical RRMC Recruit Class of 1973 Web Site is now open. Please put this on your "favourites" and check frequently. Feel free to post any comments you would like to make on the Blog! I will send around emails whenever there is something new/important posted to the Web Site, but there may be several minor updates that will occur from time to time. As always, feel free to contact me about anything concerning the upcoming reunion! [Ray]

15 November 2012: RRMC Archives Coming On-Line
DND/RRU has started a project to put all of the Yearbooks and photographs on line. Currently, all the RRMC Yearbooks are available for viewing on-line at: The next stage of the project is to digitize all the photo albums and put them on line, which means that all Len Watling's photos from those times will be available for viewing on-line. The link for that site was provided by Gary Nijman (thanks Gary!). Note that this only describes what is available, the photos have not yet been digitized: I have asked RRU if there is scope for us as a Class to expedite the digitization by a donation so they will be ready for our reunion. The reply is that while they would appreciate any donations, they need to do all of the digitization sequentially so wouldn't be able to pull the 1973–74 and 1974–75 photo albums out and do them first. It is entirely possible, though, they will be done in time for the reunion in any case. This is truly great news! [Ray]